13th to 15th of September 2022

Krakow, Poland 1st CIRCULAR


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Deadline for final registration is 15th July, 2022.


The main goal of the Conference is to discuss, at the both global and molecular level, interdisciplinary topics relevant to the actual concepts and models of the plasma catalysis for CO2 Recycling.

Three topics will be developed:

FUNDAMENTALS AND MECHANISMS OF CO2 PLASMAS INTERACTING WITH SURFACES and the physicochemical phenomena involved, including CO2 dissociation, to model these phenomena and to be able to predict the behaviour and consequences of different CO2 plasmas.

ADVANCED, ACTIVE, SELECTIVE AND ROBUST CATALYTIC SYSTEMS specially formulated for plasma-catalytic coupling to optimize CO2 valorisation, and study the interaction between the excited species present in CO2 plasmas and solid catalytic surface.

INNOVATIVE ROUTES FOR PLASMA-CATALYST INTERACTION, study novel reactor designs involving various types of exposure of the catalytic materials to different kinds of plasmas of diverse energy density, to evaluate the influence of these parameters in reaction mechanisms, kinetics and product yield.


PIONEER is a European training network aiming at educating a generation of experts in the multidisciplinary field of plasma/catalysis for CO2 conversion. 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) work together in a joint training and doctoral programme, within a consortium of 15 academic  and 6 industrial partners, in 10 different countries, to conceive new systems of plasma/catalysis for an efficient conversion of CO2 molecule.

The challenge requires to understand in detail the role of surfaces in contact with molecular plasmas, in order to invent and synthesize new materials having the required properties for taking advantage of the strong electric field and reactive species provided by the unique medium that are Non Thermal Plasmas (NTP


Deadline for final registration is 15th July, 2022.

1th March, 2022              Deadline for abstracts

31 st May, 2022              Notification of acceptance for presentation and preliminary program

15 th July, 2022              Deadline for final registration

1st September, 2022      Deadline for full manuscript for publication in special issue



Krakow the former capital of Poland, lies in the southern part of Poland at riverside of the Vistula. Poland’s third city and a lively university town, Krakow has a wonderfully preserved old centre of cobbled streets and narrow passageways, of Gothic spires and baroque cupolas. Rynek Glowny, the largest medieval square in Europe, is dominated by the magnificent renaissance Cloth Hall where you can shop for souvenirs or stop for coffee. One of the great works of medieval art, Veit Stoss’s exquisitely carved wooden altar, can be found nearby in the Mariacki Church…

The Symposium will be held at

AGH University of Science and Technology
30 Mickiewicza Av.
30-059 Krakow